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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my treatment?

You can pay card or cash at the time of the appointment. If you are paying for someone else, we can take the payment over the phone.


Do you give discounts?

Yes, we do! You can buy packages of 3 massages and receive a discount. Check our Facebook page for our latest offers.


Can I change my appointment?

Yes, just give us at least 24 hours’ notice.


What happens if I’m late or miss my appointment?

If you know you’re going to be late for an appointment, call us as soon as you know.  If you are late for your appointment then your treatment time will be limited, but you will still be charged for the full price of the treatment. If you miss your appointment without contacting us first, you will still be charged for the treatment. If you contact us within the 24-hour period before your treatment, then you are still liable for the cost of the treatment.


How many appointments do I need?

It depends on what sort of massage you want. If it’s for an ache or pain, then a course of 3 or more treatments is advisable. If you have a lot of stress, then a regular massage on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis may be more appropriate. Or you may just want to have a bit of “me time” every so often. Remember discounts apply for package bookings.


What happens during the consultation?

Before your treatment we need to take some details to ensure there is no reason why you can’t receive a massage, or to discover if the massage should be adapted to your needs. All personal details are taken in the strictest confidence and will be stored appropriately. At the end of the consultation you will be asked to sign the consultation form on the understanding that the details are correct, and you consent to receiving a massage.


Do I need to undress?

After the pre-massage consultation the therapist will leave you in private to undress in preparation for your massage. There is no need to remove underwear, although bras need to be unfastened to give access to your back. Once undressed, you can lie on the massage couch with the sheet provided covering you.  The therapist will only uncover the area being massaged. We will ensure that your dignity and privacy are always protected during the massage treatment.

If you are receiving a sports or remedial massage, then you will need to wear T shirt and shorts for most treatments.


Do I have to chat with the therapist?

Not at all. Some clients prefer to be massaged in silence, others like to listen to some background music, and some like to chat. It’s your massage and it’s tailored to your needs and wishes.


Will massage hurt?

In general, no. Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue which brings about many benefits, causing relaxation and increasing blood flow to the area being massaged. Tense and stressed muscles will have tension nodules, also known as “knots”, which will be dispersed by massage. Some tension nodules require firm pressure to break down and therefore may cause some discomfort.


What oils, creams or lotions do you use?

Currently we use grape seed, sweet almond, wheatgerm or coconut carrier oils. The choice of oil will be based on the client’s wishes and needs.

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